Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Malda police (PS - Englishbazar) arrested our Hindu Samhati worker Dipankar Rajak  yesterday evening.Today he has been produced in Malda court with several non-bailable serious charges. Bail not granted, and he has been sent to Police custody for 5 days by judge.  Case no - 936/14. dt. 29/10.14. U/S 302/364/201/36 IPC. Reportedly Dipankar has been implicated in the serious communal riot in Kaliachak-Baishnabnagar-Malda in the last week of October. 

Dipankar's house at Satangapara (under Baishnabnagar PS) is 20 kms away from the place Khasimari where 3 Muslims have been killed allegedly by the Gowalas of the area. Muslim - Gowala bloody conflict in this area has a long history.

I highly suspect that a heinous conspiracy is being hatched either by North Bengal Police or by W Bengal Police to placate/appease aggrieved Muslims of Malda dist who have been repeatedly at the receiving end in series of bloody clashes with the Gowalas/Yadavs/Ghosh of Malda dist. To placate/appease these Muslims, state govt or the police has to make a big scapegoat. It is Mamata Banerjee's electoral compulsion to appease Muslim community. I apprehend we, the Hindu Samhati, is being that scapegoat. 
There is other reason for my apprehension. When on 3 Nov night Malda (Chanchal PS) police detained me and my 2 colleagues, it's DSP Kaustav Acharya, at the time of interrogation, repeatedly asking us separately about the said Kaliachak riot, our opinion about that riot, etc. I smelt a rat at that time. Now it is being more clear.  

BUT in this way Mamata ultimately will be looser. She will loose Hindu vote more in this appeasement game of 'vote bank politics'.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hindu Samhati President Tapan Ghosh's take on Chhattisgarh sterilisation tragedy

One of my facebook friends Kaushal Dalmia is insisting me to promote Modiji's Swachh Bharat Mission on my FB page. I responded him as below :
Surely you can take this Swachh Bharat Abhiyan as your mission. That is praiseworthy. That does not mean that everyone should take that work as their mission. AT THIS MOMENT, I wish to travel to the villages of Chhattisgarh and tell the tribal villagers that a deep conspiracy is going on by all political parties including BJP (not Modi) to reduce the veer ST population to make Hindus weak and minority. And this conspiracy is funded by Arab money thru ISI. And many ministers, MLAs, MPs and leaders of BJP fell into this trap knowingly or unknowingly. My heart goes with the hapless innocent simple tribals of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. BUT, since I've already made my priority to work for the Hindu Defence in West Bengal, so I restrain myself to do that. By not taking the Swachh Bharat Mission if i cannot satisfy you, then I sincerely request you to unfriend me from your facebook friends. That will help me accepting one friend from a waiting list of 1200 plus. My suspicion seems true if one reads this IE report above.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hindu Samhati President Sri Tapan Ghosh arrested and later released

On 3rd November, Shri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, President of Hindu Samhati, was arrested from a private household while attending a personal meeting in Chanchal area of Malda district along with his two aides, Sri Asitava Bhowmik & Sri Sujit Maity. He was visiting the area to address organizational matters as planned sometime back.

Sri Ghosh was detained overnight in Chanchal police station before being released the next morning. He was escorted by six vans of state police personnel and his supporters were stopped midway from meeting him. The entire process was shrouded in secrecy and the detainees were not even provided with basic amenities like food or water for the entire day. It became apparent that the destination was not Malda as the convoy changed route towards Siliguri. While Mr Ghosh was initially informed that he will be handed over to the Siliguri Commissionerate, the commissioner of police in Siliguri, Mr Jag Mohan denied having received any such information when contacted.

Eventually, the Malda police personnel took Mr Ghosh to a desolate place before handing him to the Circle Inspector of Naxalbari and Officer in Charge of Bidhan Nagar police station in Darjeeling at around 5:30 PM.  Superintendent of Darjeeling police, Mr Akhilesh Kumar Chaturbedi had confirmed that Mr Ghosh would eventually be handed over to the Siliguri Commissionerate even though they were being detained at the NHPC guest house at New Jalpaiguri.

Unlawful detention of Sri Gosh & his team resulted in tremendous protest across different spectrum of society. Social medias like Facebook & Twitter were flooded with posts demanding immediate release of Sri Tapan Ghosh. #FreeTapanDa hashtag secured the third position in Twitter trending. Concerned police officials were flooded with calls from supporters of Sri Ghosh and Hindu Samhati made  around the world.

Finally, they were escorted by the Jalpaiguri police to New Jalpaiguri railway station led by one Addl. Superintendant of Police. A special coach was attached with the train (Padatik Exp.) destined to Kolkata. Sri Ghosh and his team availed the train and they were joined by 10 (ten) security personnels who escorted them upto Kolkata. In the early morning of 5th November they reached Sealdah station where a large number of Hindu Samhati workers welcomed them with garland & cheer.

Later, it was conveyed to us by some sources in the police dept. that  Police had specific info that there were genuine threat to Sri Ghosh in Malda. Hence they had to take all precautions and kept all info secret about their whereabouts. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Visit of Sri Tapan Ghosh to Subalpur village, Birbhum

Hindu Samhati President, Sri Tapan Ghosh, on 25th September, 2014 went to Subalpur village in Birbhum dist where the so called crime of Gang Rape (Labhpur Gang Rape Case) of a tribal girl happened on 20 Jan this year. Perhaps you came to know that 13 Hindu Santhal tribal men, mostly young boys, have been convicted and awarded 20 years rigorous imprisonment by sessions court.

First, a quick recap. From day one, he was confident that this is a false concocted story not only to defame the Santhal tribals, but also to break the spine of this courageous community who are trying hard to preserve their culture and protect the honor of their women from the lust of Muslim miscreants in a very wide region of West Bengal and Jharkhand. The so-called victim girl has written in her complaint (on basis of which the case has been registered and 13 persons arrested) that she was to marry Khaleq Sheikh of Chouhatta village, and Khaleq Sheikh came to her house for discussing the marriage. This Muslim man Khaleq Sheikh is already married and has 2 children. His wife Hasina Bibi had confirmed that their 15 year old daughter's marriage preparation was going on, at that time. This Khaleq Sheikh, villagers complained, has illicit relations with this village's so-called victim girl of Santhal community. Khaleq gives her a lot of money. Hence, this is a type of prostitution, villagers alleged, due to which this village's environment was being badly vitiated. Hence, the community elders and women repeatedly told her to leave the village. But the 20 year old girl refused to obey them. Therefore, the village women were watchful and determined to catch them red handed and end the matter by compelling that girl to leave the village. However they had no idea that this would bring so much trouble and so much ignominy to the entire community.

These 13 innocent Hindu Santhal tribal boys and men have been falsely accused by the media, framed by the police, mocked by the "civil society intelligentsia" and forgotten by their fellow countrymen.
This, according to special sources, is a success of a deep conspiracy to break the self-protection system of poor illiterate tribal society of West Bengal & Jharkhand. However, although the tribal villagers (only 27 families) are almost broken in their spirit, they will appeal in Calcutta High Court. Surely we'll help them. Today I assured them of our help to fight the legal battles but we need funds to pay for lawyer expenses, fees etc. .
Sri Ghosh, helped the victim families with whatever little financial assistance that we could muster. Although they're in no mood of Durga Puja celebration, but we will still give them some new clothes to the children. If my friends want to extend a helping hand, they may do so. Among the families, few families are starving 2-3 days a week. In the families where food/meals are being cooked, many of them cannot eat due to depression. 

In this context, it must be admitted that the so called Tribal organisations and their Tribal leadership miserably failed to show their integrity & sincerity in helping these hapless poor families in their hour of need. Rather these hapless poor tribal have been exploited by these so called 'Tribal Organisations' and the so called Tribal leaders.

Hindu Samhati Vastra Vitaran prog in tribal village

On 30th September, 2014, Hindu Samhati President, Sri Tapan ghosh along with Sri Asitava Bhowmik, visited 3 villages in Bhangor PS and in Minakha PS. Two "Bastra Vitaran" programs were organised by Hindu Samhati local units. In Minakha the village Putkhali, he visited for 1st time and he was impressed. This is Tribal village. There is a 'Girls Football Team' comprised of 26 girl players. They distributed about 70 cloths there. The tribal girls presented 'santhali dance' and Vande Mataram dance in the program. 

Distribution of clothes by Hindu Samhati


On 30th September, the auspicious day of Mahasashthi, Hindu Samhati President, Sri Tapan Ghosh visited another village Nakurait in Bhangore block in South 24 Parganas dist along with other members of Hindu Samhati. This block is of absolutely Muslim majority. Last year 2013, Durgapuja held in this village for 1st time. He inaugurated it. This year they distributed about 100 plus new clothes in this village. Police cautioned our workers that Muslims complained regarding slogans there shouted by the Hindu youths.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gias Uddin Exposes Ahmed Hassan Imran

Gias Uddin is a school teacher in Murshidabad dist in West Bengal. Surely he is an exception. He is trying to make some reforms in Islam. He is author of many articles and books on this subject. Undoubtedly he is courageous. Now he exposes Islamic Terror promoter Ahmed Hassan Imran. This article is in Bengali. In this article Gias Uddin described the criminal communal deeds of Jamati members in Bangladesh in collaboration with Paki Army. Those Jamatis are now reportedly getting support from TMC MP Ahmed Hassan Imran. And now his partners are playing 'minority card' to get rid of these serious allegations. The article by Gias Uddin :  

দেশদ্রোহীতার অভিযোগে অভিযুক্ত আহমদ হাসান ইমরান কি ধর্মের সুড়সুড়ি দিয়ে পার পেয়ে যাবে ? 
Link -

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Today district administration of South 24 Pargana district called a peace meeting in the wake of Hindu resistance put by the Hindu youths in the villages of Kumrakhali, Charabidya, Gabbunia, etc.

Administration called 10 persons each from both sides of Hindus and Muslims. But, under the guidance of Hindu Samhati, local Hindus boycotted today's peace meeting due to continuous partisan acts of Basanti & Jibantala police against Hindus of Kumrakhali and other villages. Even yesterday they arrested one Hindu Kashinath Pramanik, raided Hindu houses before 'Rannapuja', confiscated 2 motorbikes from Swapan Baidya's house. Earlier many Hindus have been arrested, slapped many false cases by police, whereas it failed to protect the common Hindus. In this background the so called meeting is meaningless to the Hindus. Hence Hindus boycotted this peace meeting.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hindu Samhati President demands immediate arrest of Ahmed Hassan Imran, TMC MP in Rajyasabha

Friends, my fears coming true. Again opposition parties have been managed by Islamic forces in West Bengal. Even after disclosure of conclusive evidence of direct involvement of TMC Rajyasabha MP Ahmed Hassan Imran in Canning riots <>, and explosive disclosure of his involvement in funding Islamic fundamentamentalist force Jamaat in Bangladesh to destablise Sk. Hasina govt, no opposition party here are categorically demanding his immediate arrest and then thorough inquiry by NIA or CBI.
Imran is a threat to our national security and a threat to the peace and progress of our neighbouring country Bangladesh. 

IMRAN IS PAKISTAN BORN <>, but highly safe, protected and powerful here in India.

All these conclusively prove that in West Bengal anti national pro-Pak Islamic force is stronger than nationalist forces. Reach of Saudi money thru ISI is far extended, to all political party offices.


Tapan Ghosh
President, Tapan Ghosh

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shahjahan Sheikh again, Hindu boy killed in Sandeshkhali

People of Sandeshkhali were yet to recover from the nightmare of 27th May, 2014, when notorious criminal, racketeer, local TMC leader and Panchayat Upa-Pradhan, Shahjahan Sheikh and his gang, attacked local villagers at Rampur Gayen Para Halder Bheri area under Sandeshkhali P.S of North 24 Parganas District without any provocation and randomly fired on them resulting severe bullet injury to 26 Hindus. Exactly within 2 months from that attack, the Hindus at that area have, again, found themselves at the receiving end of attack of Shahjahan Sheikh.

It is reported that today morning , local Hindu youths – Amay Bhuia (Gora), Anup Mandal & Paresh Mandal were called at Sarberia school ground at around 11’o clock. Once they reached the place, Shahjahan Sheikh and his men pounced on them and started to beat them black & blue. Their main target was Amay Bhuia who has been building a group of local Hindu youth to resist the attack of Shahjahan Sheikh. Amay Bhuia, somehow, managed to escape from the place but Anup Mandal & Paresh Mandal failed to do so. Anup was beaten to death by miscreants on spot while Paresh Mandal was left with heavy injury and later taken to local Khulna hospital in a remote area where he was left totally unattended.

It is alleged by Hindus at Sandeshkhali that Mamata Banerjee and her police are blindly supporting Shahjahan Sheikh and covering up all his illegal acts due to his religious identity and affinity with the ruling party. Even after today’s incident, no action has been initiated against Shahjahan Sheikh. Quite surprisingly, mother of the deceased and father of Paresh have been taken under police possession. It is apprehended that has been done to compel her to file a report as per directives of police to save the Shahjahan Sheikh and inaction of police.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Controversial Facebook posting resulted in communal flare up and ransacking of many Hindu shops in two markets in border sub division of Basirhat


Katiahat village under Baduria police station in the sub-division of Basirhat is just like another village of West Bengal. Hindus have been organizing Durga Puja in Katiahat market for last 20 years. This year, one Muslim built his small gumti-shop on van at the designated place for Puja. Few days ago the market committee approached him and requested him to move his shop from that place as pandal was to be built at that place.

On last Friday, that Muslim shop owner went to offer prayer at local masjid and came out with severe chest pain. He was admitted to hospital where he died on Saturday. Local Muslims smelt a conspiracy by Hindus in his death and attacked Katiahat market on Saturday. Shops owned by Hindus were looted and ransacked. Finally, police, along with RAF were deployed to bring the situation under control. The market is still closed. 

Hapless Hindus at Katiahat failed to build pandal for the traditional Durga Puja. Moreover, their shops being looted & ransacked without any reason, made them very frustrated. Out of the frustration, one local boy, on Sunday night, made a post on Facebook criticizing the incident. He also posted some pictures of the ransacked Hindu shops in market. The post was liked and shared by some of his local friends as well. Allegedly two boys made some offensive comments. Local Muslims came to know about the post. They were furious. They printed poster with picture of 3 Hindu boys demanding their severe punishment and pasted throughout the area on Monday resulted in rising of communal tension. Today morning Muslims forcibly closed the shops at nearby Sayestanagar market and ransacked at least 8 Hindu shops. Police started searching for the boys who made or shared the post and caught one of them. His name is Pritam Sarkar although he pleaded innocence. Police also arrested Shubhajit Pal’s father Pravas Chandra Pal whose shop has been totally destroyed by the Muslim miscreants this morning.

Hindus have started leaving the area. This area although Hindu majority, but the nexus between the police, pol party and most powerful smugglers made common Hindus extremely vulnerable. 

It should be mentioned here that in recent Parliament election, Hindus voted for BJP in large scale. In one booth here, TMC got only 8 votes out of total 400 votes. Now Hindus are attacked, are in great danger. No BJP leader, even of Block level, can be seen anywhere near the affected area

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Coverage of 16th August rally of Hindu Samhati in different national and international media

The event organized by Hindu Samhati at Kolkata on 16th August, 2014 to observe the ‘Great Calcutta Killing” of 1946 and celebrate the birth centenary of Gopal Chandra Mukhopadhyay, who, along with his team, built a formidable resistance against the Islamic atrocities and ensured the safety of Hindus in the turbulence days of 1946-47, has created huge uproar in the media both across and abroad the country. 

Sri Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati, while speaking at the rally, categorically supported the fight of Israel against Hamas. He justified the action of Israel as their fight for existence. The city of Kolkata, which has been the hub for Muslim appeasement politics, has witnessed several anti-Israel rallies in the last few days. This time, it was other way round.

International Media Links - 

National Media Links -

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hindu Samhati Rally on 16th August, 2014



A few glimpses of Hindu Samhati rally organized on 16th August, 2014 to observe the "Great Calcutta Killing" in 1946 and commemorate the Birth Centenary of saviour of Hindus, Gopal Chandra Mukhopadhyay, in turbulent days of 1946-47. The rally was led by Hindu Samhati President Sri Tapan Ghosh along with Sardar Tajinderpal Singh Bagga, President of Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, Delhi. Other dignitaries who were present in the rally were renowned social activist Sri Asitava Bhowmik, Sri Shantanu Mukhopadhyay, grandson of Gopal Mukhopadhyay.

The rally started from College Square at 1 PM and after covering different streets of Kolkata, reached Rani Rasmoni Road (Esplanade) where participants were addressed by Sri Ghosh and Sardar Bagga. People from different parts of West Bengal joined the rally. The significant participation of women became a hallmark of the rally. 

Sardar Bagga, in his speech, said he was fortunate enough to come to the land of Netaji, Shyamaprasad and Gopal Mukhopadhyay for the first time. Then he strongly attacked the State govt. for making distortion in history books and terming the freedom fighters as terrorist. He appealed all Hindus to join nationalist organization like Hindu Samhati. He assured the crowed that he will come back whenever he is being called upon.

Sri Tapan Ghosh in his speech attacked the secular forces as hypocrite. He warned the crowed that after squeezing out Congress, CP(I)M and Trina Mool Congress (TMC), Muslims have now inclined to BJP to use it to their benefit. He criticized the West Bengal State BJP leadership for ignoring the events related to its ideological founder Dr. Shayama Prasad Mukherjee in quest of Muslim votes. He also justified the fight of Israel against Hamas as their right to defend their citizen and territory.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Message from the Hindu Samhati President

Friends, again Kolkata Police came under pressure of anti-hindu lobby and started from this evening nasty effort to disrupt our grand rally scheduled tomorrow to observe the birth centenary of savior of Kolkata in 1946, Gopal Chandra Mukhopadhyay.

Just a while ago, at 9 PM, a phone call came to me from Kolkata Police DC Head Quarter office. The staff tried to convey me that the permission for our program tomorrow has been withheld. I politely told him that at this moment we are left no option to cancel the event by anyway, because hundreds of our supporters from North Bengal either already arrived or in train and the dignitaries from Delhi and other parts of country have already reached Kolkata. More importantly, we can’t communicate with our supporters all over West Bengal at this last moment.

Every time we, being a non political Hindu organization, have to face this music of minority appeasing political establishment and spineless police administration. We are now accustomed with it. Tonight, I have been compelled to stay outside my residence. Reason obvious. However, we the followers of Veer Gopal Mukhopadhyay will go ahead with our schedule program. People world over are eagerly waiting to see will see tomorrow if present day state govt led by Mamata Banerjee behaves just like Hussain Surhwardi of 1946 during the days of ‘great Calcutta Killing’ and Hindu massacre.

Hindu Samhati rally to commemorate the Direct Action Day


On 16th August 2014, the city of Kolkata is all set to witness the biggest ever rally of Hindus against ever increasing jihadi threat when activists of Hindu Samhati, led by the founder & President Sri Tapan Ghosh, will march through different roads of Kolkata to commemorate the anniversary  infamous ‘Great Calcutta Killings’ in 1946. This year also hold a special importance as this is happened to be the birth centenary year of Gopal Mukhopadhyay who, along with his team, built a formidable resistance against the Islamic atrocities and ensured the safety of Hindus in the turbulence days of 1946-47.

The rally will also have the gracious presence of Sri Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, President of Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena (Delhi), renowned social activist Sri Asitava Bhowmik, Sri Shantanu Mukhopadhyay, grandson of Late Gopal Mukhopadhyay and many other dignitaries from different spheres of society. The rally shall start at 12’o clock from College Square. We request you to join the rally and be a part of this historic event.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nearing the Day of Grand Rally in memory of Gopal Ch Mukherjee, the Hero who saved Calcutta in 1946

Nearing the Day 16 August when 10 thousand Young Patriots of Bengal will pay Tribute to Gopal Chandra Mukherjee aka 'Gopal Patha', Savior of Kolkata in 1946-47, in a Grand Rally of Hindu Samhati. 
Assembling Venue - College Square, in front of Calcutta University. Time - 12 noon.
The Grand Rally will be led by Tapan Ghosh, President of Hindu Samhati and other leaders of HS. 

Sardar Tejinder Singh Bagga, President of Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, Delhi, will be Chief Guest of the occasion.
Pic-1: Poster of prog. Pic-2 : Photo of young Gopal Ch Mukherjee. Pic3 : Last year (2013) prog at Mahajati Sadan.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

In memory of Shri Gopal Mukhopadhyay, 16th August Grand Rally in Kolkata

You are welcome join the rally and be a part of this historic event.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

In memory of Shri Gopal Mukhopadhyay, 16th August Public rally in Kolkata

Dear Friend,

Lest we forget the past and repeat our historical mistakes, Hindu Samhati has endeavoured to revive the memories of an inglorious chapter of our history. In the darkest days of 1946, one daredevil person took it upon him to protect the lives and honour of Hindus in the city of Kolkata. Had it not been for his exemplary courage and leadership, West Bengal would have been engulfed by East Pakistan during partition with Kolkata as it capital.

On 16th August, 1946, Muslim League had declared Direct Action Day to bolster its demand of Pakistan as a homeland for Muslims of Indian subcontinent. In response, the contemporary government of Bengal lead by Suhrawardy converted that to a day of “Great Calcutta Killing”.

To honour and relive the memories of the saviour of Bengali Hindus, Hindu Samhati commemorates 16th August as the Gopal Mukhopadhyay Memorial Day every year. This year, we will offer our respects to Shri Mukhopadhyay with a grand procession and we welcome you to be part of this noble offering.

With thanks,

Press Release of Hindu Samhati on account of 16th August Program

16 August is a very important day in the history of India, Bengal and Kolkata. That was "Direct Action Day" in 1946 called by M A Jinnah of Muslim League.The then Chief Minister of United Bengal Mr. Suhrawardy observed this day by killing thousands of Hindus in Kolkata. The Statesman named it as "The Great Calcutta Killing". 5000 Hindus were killed in 3 days. At that time, Sri Gopal Chandra Mukherjee aka Gopal Pantha saved Kolkata by his heroic effort with the help of his young courageous colleagues. But Gandhi-Nehru sycophants and anti Hindu/anti national communist historians suppressed his glorious role just like they suppressed Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee's role to save West Bengal in those tumultuous days. We Hindu Samhati observe this day, the 16 August as "Gopal Mukherjee Smaran Divas" every year. 

The year 2014, being the birth centenary year of Sri Gopal Ch. Mukherjee, Hindu Samhati is going to observe this day as “Gopal Mukherjee Smaran Divas” by organizing a huge procession which shall commence from College Square at 12:30 PM and after covering different roads will end at Esplanade. Thousands of activists from different section of society are expected to join the procession.

The procession shall be led by Hindu Samhati President Sri Tapan Ghosh along with Sardar Tajinder PalSingh Bagga (President of Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, Delhi), eminent social activist Sri. Asitava Bhowmik, Sri Shantanu Mukherjee (Grandson of Sri Gopal Mukherjee) and others.

As 16th August is approaching the response and support from different segments of the society are increasing. With the steady increase of support we expect a gathering of over 6 to 7 thousands.

The Indian Sikh community is extending its support to Hindu Samhati and thus they will be represented by Sardar Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga (President of Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena).

Representatives of the Buddhist and Jain community will also be present in the rally supporting the cause and work of Hindu Samhati.

Many ex-defence servicemen and ex-police personnel will also participate in the procession.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hindu Samhati ensures recovery of Love Jihad victim

It was only 29th July, 2014, we published a report in this site with a title “Please Help To Find Out This 14 Year Old Victim Of Love Jihad” and urged people to help us to trace the Love Jihad victim – Sunita Halder. The report also included a letter from the abductor – Babu Mandal where he challenged the Hindus to find them out.

Hindu Samhati accepted his audacious challenge and mounted tremendous pressure on Joynagar Police to trace the girl. Police, at first, was not very keen to take the matter seriously and also made some frivolous stories like the girl was having an affair with the abductor but finally, they succumbed to the unified Hindu pressure engaged by Hindu Samhati.

On 31st July, police thoroughly questioned one of the brothers of Babu Mandal and came to know the whereabouts of the abductor. Later in day, Sunita Halder was recovered by police from the captivity of the love jihadi.

Hindu Samhati is not going to let the matter end here. We are going to explore all legal options to ensure a proper lesson for these jihadis so that they never dare to approach any other Hindu girl in the future. We are also committed to take good care of Sunita who has gone through tremendous mental stressin the last 10 days. A long term rehabilitation program is being chalked out for her recovery.

Hindu Samhati activist Milan Ojha is greeted by villagers after being out on bail


Hindu Samhati activist Milan Ojha got bail from Alipore ACJM Court on 30th July, 2014 in all 3 cases pending against him. He was arrested by police of Basanti Police Station. Villagers were extremely aggrieved and protested against police. However after spending 14 days in Alipore Central Jail, he got bail and came out of the jail at around 8 PM. He was    taken to the residence of Hindu Samhati President, Sri Tapan Ghosh to stay for rest of the night as transportation was not available to take him back to his village so late in the night. 

In the next morning Milan went to his village accompanied by our other workers. He got a heroic reception in his village because the villagers are well aware that their village boys are being jailed because they created HINDU RESISTANCE, which is almost nonexistent in other places. Hindus of the entire area are suffering for decades by the fundamentalist Muslims. It is to be kept in mind that these Muslims are not Bangladeshi Muslims, they all are local.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

West Bengal & Tamil Nadu are headed for a dark future

This is not Arab or Iraq, this is Tamil Nadu where young Muslim men are proudly displaying their support to ISIS – the terrorist organization responsible for killing of thousands of innocents in the name of Islam. No surprise, our secular administration is still searching in the law books if this amounts to any violation of law & order.

A few months back, Dr. Subramanian Swamy rightly said that the ”condition of Tamil Nadu and West Bengal are quite similar”. Both the States are under virtual control of jihadis. It’s only a matter of time when Islamists shall demand a separate portion of the state for them.

To add fuel to the fire, West Bengal Govt. is hell bent to appease these jihadi separatists for the sake of it’s vote bank politics.  Be it honorarium to Imams (which was later quashed by the High Court and subsequently being distributed through Wakf Boards) or distribution of cycle to minority girl students, Mamata Banerjee led Govt. is leaving no stone unturned to appease the community ignoring the Hindus. The policy of appeasement has reached such an extent that even the accused of violation of law & order are being treated on the basis of their communal colour. 

The partisan act of the State Govt. under the shield of secularism is going with impunity as the media, here, is also desperate to suppress the report of communal clashes happening throughout the state terming them as mere political clashes. The motive for such acts can easily be understood from their financial benefit by way of advertisements received from Govt. and other interest groups. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


age proof

Challenging letter of Babu

Now it is the turn of 14 year old girl Sunita Haldar who became victim of 'Love Jihad'. She is a student of class Nine and belongs to a poor family Srikrishnanagar village under Joynagar Police Station in South 24 Parganas district. Sunita has been kidnapped by one Babu Mondal, son of Yar Ali Mondal of Chatra village on 21st July evening. According to Sunita's mother's complaint, Babu's brothers Jiyarul, Sirajul and Ajijul helped Babu to kidnap her daughter. Although Joynagar police station registered the case, but the concerned officer (Investigating Officer) is absolutely reluctant to recover this minor aged girl. 

Among hundreds & hundreds of this type of Love Jihad incidents, this is an extra ordinary case, because the kidnapper sent a letter addressing all Hindus in which he said that he lifted the girl challenging a Hindu boy of that locality. He also wrote that he has already married the girl. In this letter, he (Babu) has challenged all Hindus "if you can find out us'. He also advised the guardians of Sunita that they should accept him and tell his (Babu's) father. Only after that they will return home. 

I request all to see the attached photo of the girl and keep an eye everywhere to find out her. Her mother fallen ill not getting back her daughter. If you see the girl anywhere, please inform me at the earliest. 

Love Jihad victim is recovered by Hindu Samhati

Hindu Samhati has been successful to add another feather to its crown. This time it was the recovery of Mansa Bhunia (age-17 year) of Uluberia who became a victim of Love Jihad – a pan-Islamic process to change the demography of the State in a planned manner. This is 4th Love Jihad recovery by Hindu Samhati activists in last few months.

Once the case of elopement was reported to Hindu Samhati, the President – Sri Tapan Ghosh, who always believes that the loss of a girl is a loss of a generation – engaged all his resources to trace the girl. Finally, she was tracked at Basapara under Nanoor Police Station in Birbhum district.

Hindu Samhati is very much thankful to police officer Sri Prosenjit Ghosh of Basapara outpost of Nanoor PS. But for his genuine and courageous help, it would be extremely difficult to get back the girl from Hasmat’s (love Jihadist) house in Dandupara village. When Hindu Samhati activists along with police reached the house of Hasmat, about 50-60 Muslims from nearby mosque rushed to Hasmat’s house. But, police officer Prosenjit Ghosh courageously stopped them to intervene.

In fact, initially the girl was saying that she would not come with her father. But the officer’s thunder to the mob assured her, gave her courage, and then she told that she was ready to come. There can be no denying that the girl was, earlier, threatened by Hasmat’s family members. Hence initially she was scared but the presence of our boys and boldness of the officer assured her. Uluberia police too cooperated the girl’s family to recover the girl by providing necessary papers.

Hasmat worked in a stone chip factory in Uluberia. The girl fell in his trap. But when she was taken to Hasmat’s house in distant Birbhum district, she realized her blunder and she called her parents over phone. At the time of recovery, Hasmat was not in his house. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kolkata – focal point of Islamic Terrorism

While Nur Hussain, convicted with the murder of 7 persons at Narayangunj in Bangladesh and arrested later on along with his two accomplices namely Zaman and Selim from Kaikhali, Kolkata, is reeling in a judicial custody of Bengal now, the state is afflicted once more with the arrest of Zahid Hussain, an IM (Indian Mujahideen) operative hailing from Bangladesh and arrested from Kolkata railway station by the Special Task Force of Calcutta Police. It has been learnt, Zahid Hussain belongs to the Darbhanga module of Indian Mujahideen, a banned outfit in India maintaining strong links to dreaded Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba. In accordance with sources in intelligence department, Zahid Hussain worked as a courier regarding the blast at German Bakery in Pune on February 13, 2010. He supplied explosives there single-handedly. And these arrests have debunked the perpetual abnegation of illegal infiltration from Bangladesh, both by indigenous administration and Bangladeshi governance.

Zahid Hussain (age 40) crossed the Petrapole-Benapole border checkpoint in the India-Bangladesh international border at Bangaon in North 24 Paraganas district and reached Sealdah railway station in Kolkata from Bangaon by train. Zahid went to Kolkata railway station wherefrom he was arrested. He has been learnt to use the same route to render explosives to Pune for the blast. But he didn’t go to Pune; his duty ended with meeting the contact person at Mumbai. Zahid returned to Bangladesh afterward. Special Task Force of STF, incidentally, got hold of Abdul Karim Tunda, explosive expert of Lashkar-e-Taiba, from the Nepal border and top secret facts of Zahid Hussain were learnt from him.

It must be kept in mind that Indian Mujahideen or IM happens to be a home-grown Islamic terrorist group in the realm of India and has been known for hobnobbing with worldwide Muslim terrorist organizations including Al-Qaeda and Haqqani Network through Lashkar-e-Taiba. According to recent researches, Indian Mujahideen happens to be a frontal organization of Lashkar-e-Taiba in India drawing its inspirations from the zeal to create an Islamic state and putting Sharia Law into practice in India by means of indiscriminate violence, if not more. When Zahid Hussain was arrested, a large number of fake currency notes were also recovered from him propelling Indian intelligence agencies to concentrate on several linked sections of mounting terrorism. If sources are believed, the arrest has been a major breakthrough as regards investigations on terrorism in India.

Police sources have been found to state, "During interrogation of Yasin Bhatkal last year, who is a mastermind of various bomb blasts in Pune, Hyderabad and Banglore, he had revealed that he had procured the RDX from a person from Bangladesh." "After the arrest of Hussain, the ATS has been asked to probe all the counterfeit currency note cases registered with Maharashtra police, especially since 2010. Hussain is in touch with some wanted IM operatives."

The blast at German Bakery in Pune on February 13, 2010 traumatized the entire nation and claimed lives of 17 people including 5 foreign nationals while injuring 58 others severely. The arrest of Zahid Hussain will unearth details remaining hidden up till now and it has proved that Kolkata has become hub of Islamic terrorism. It can mature and go on without fear thanks to lackadaisical administration and rising Muslim appeasement in Bengal.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.